“National’s proposed firearms policy shows they’re aware of problems with the current law, but reviewing and tinkering won’t fix the issues or make up for the poor treatment licensed firearms owners have had over recent years. ACT says there needs to be completely new firearms laws,” says ACT’s Firearms Law Reform spokesperson Nicole McKee.

“National recognise some of their mistakes but like Dave Dobbyn sang “When we needed you most, you couldn’t find a language.” National wasn’t there for the licensed firearms community when Labour was pushing through rushed and reckless firearms laws.

“A review of the Arms Legislation Act isn’t necessary. The community already knows what works and what doesn’t. What’s needed are immediate changes to address safety concerns, and taking the focus away from punishing law abiding firearms owners and instead hammering criminals.

“ACT’s priority is to repeal the Arms Legislation Act and ensure that the focus is on the illegal use and ownership of firearms by criminals - this is where the real harm to our communities is occurring. We will then set about making the world’s best firearms laws.

“New Zealanders for whom firearms are a tool, a sport, an investment in history, and a way of sourcing food, have been treated unfairly with sweeping changes to firearms laws and the confiscation of private property. ACT was the only party to vote against these law changes.

“Firearm owners have long memories, National failed this group while ACT has always supported the quarter million fit and proper, responsible people with good policy and by advocating for good laws. Only ACT has consistently supported the firearms community and spoken out against rushed, poor-quality law making.

“New Zealand should be able to say that we have the world’s best firearms laws. To achieve this there needs to be real change, with a strong ACT presence in the next Government. We have the track record of promoting practical solutions for licensed firearm owners and speaking up against poor lawmaking.

“ACT is here to make a difference and bring about real change. We are proud to stand up for New Zealand’s law-abiding firearms community.”

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