“ACT is welcoming National and Labour’s support for our policy to reverse the ineffective ban on effective cold and flu medicines. This is just one of many unnecessary regulations that will be on the chopping block with ACT in Government,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“This is a great example of removing red tape and regulation that doesn’t make sense. This isn’t the biggest issue facing New Zealanders, but it is an example of the avalanche of unnecessary regulations and red tape hindering productivity that is the biggest issue.

“Since 2011, New Zealanders haven’t been able to find over the counter cold and flu medicine that actually helps. Pseudoephedrine was banned because of fears it would be used for P production and following assurances there would be alternatives. Instead, the evidence shows that gangs continue to produce P, and there are no viable alternatives for people who are unwell.

“ACT proposed to reverse the ban yesterday as part of our Seniors policy. Since then, both Chris Hipkins and Christopher Luxon have supported ACT’s policy.

“This is another example of ACT leading the policy conversation and other parties adopting our good ideas – with a strong ACT presence in the next Government it can be one of real change.

“If a law doesn’t make sense it shouldn’t stay there for eternity. One of the biggest problems New Zealand has is decades of regulations introduced by various Governments who have passed laws to respond to negative headlines. If ACT has its way, future Governments aren’t going to be able to get away with making knee-jerk, populist laws to scratch political itches. And existing regulations that don’t make sense will be gone.

“Without ACT questioning the status quo and striving for things to be better, there won’t be any real change. That’s why Kiwis need ACT in the next Government.”

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