ACT Deputy Leader and Health spokesperson Brooke van Velden has welcomed the establishment of the Support and Consultation for End of Life in New Zealand (SCENZ) group.

“ACT is encouraged by the establishment of SCENZ, the calibre of its 11 members and their collective experience in medicine, psychiatry, pharmacy, nursing, law, and representation of patient views," says Ms van Velden. 

“The establishment of SCENZ is an important step in implementing the End-of-Life Choice Act, so those suffering unbearably from a terminal illness have the choice to access assisted dying.

“New Zealanders overwhelmingly voted in favour of the End-of-Life Choice Act and the Ministry of Health has until 7 November to ensure it is implemented.

“We want to live in a country where those suffering at the end of their life can exercise choice under a compassionate law. The establishment of SCENZ shows we’re a step closer to practical measures being in place to make the choice real.”