ACT welcomes the Foreign Minister’s announcement of additional support for Ukraine as we approach the two-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion.

Vladimir Putin’s aggression against a sovereign neighbour is a threat to anyone who benefits from a rules-based international order.

ACT is proud to be part of a Government that stands with the people of Ukraine against the belligerence of a larger, authoritarian neighbour. And I welcome the extension of the Defence Force’s deployment an expression of faith in the hard-working Kiwi personnel currently training Ukrainian soldiers and providing logistics and intelligence support.

Tomorrow, David Seymour and Brooke van Velden are hosting a fundraiser in St Heliers, joined by members of the local Ukrainian community. Already, they’ve raised $120,000 to deliver reconnaissance drones, evacuation boats, medical equipment, clothing, and other supplies to the front line.

Tickets can be purchased at

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