“The Government’s paid parental leave policy is a clear downgrade from the flexible and responsible option of letting parents share the existing 26 weeks. Predictably enough, Labour wants to give you more tax and less choice,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“ACT supported National’s policy at first reading because it brought choice and flexibility to the paid parental leave system at no further cost to taxpayers. After all, why should politicians tell parents when to stay home with their kids?

“Labour’s alternative completely misses the point. It doesn’t offer any further flexibility to parents. Labour’s will cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars per year, even Labour accept they cannot afford it for three years.

“Labour was the only party in Parliament to not support the bill to first reading. As Labour backbencher Anna Lorck said in her speech “I just think that we need to look at how we can enable something that is better than what's on offer in this bill.” What she didn’t say is who it would be better for. Better for taxpayers, better for parents, or better for Labour?

“Labour’s policy is good for Labour, but bad for taxpayers and inflexible for parents. That’s why they need to go.

“This issue signifies a clear choice for voters. A Labour/Greens/TPM Government that finds excuses to increase spending for everything and will tax you more to boot. Or an ACT/National Government, capable of implementing practical policies with ACT’s commitment to slashing wasteful spending and lowering taxes.”

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