“Just days ago Speaker Trevor Mallard’s response to the protest outside Parliament was an immature mix of speakers and sprinklers. We welcome him and the rest of Parliament now taking a more mature approach and following ACT’s lead,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“A statement from Trevor Mallard as the Chair of the Parliamentary Service Commission on behalf of all parties represented in Parliament says there will be no dialogue with protestors by any politicians until unlawful activity stops.

“This is exactly the message I gave to them yesterday when I met with an intermediary offsite. I made it clear that the cars blocking roads needed to be moved, and the university and businesses needed to be able to operate.

“After just 24 hours, I’m pleased the Speaker and all other party leaders have agreed ACT took the right approach and that we need a mature de-escalation.

“That requires the protesters meeting us half way. If they can move the cars, stop illegal activity, and show some good faith, politicians will be more likely to listen to their concerns, many of which are legitimate.

“I’d like to thank Mr Mallard and all other party leaders for releasing this statement and backing ACT’s approach.”