ACT Leader David Seymour has today released an open letter addressed to the chief executives of all public service departments outlining ACT’s commitments to New Zealanders for real change the in public service from 15 October.

“Government departments have made New Zealanders’ lives more expensive and divided them by race. They are tired of it, and so is ACT”, says Mr Seymour.

“The New Zealanders ACT represents are struggling to pay their bills and yet they see in the news every week another example of government departments wasting their money.

“The amount of their money government departments spend each year has increased from $80 billion to $139 billion. But access to quality public services is worse than it was in 2017.

“Spending more of their money, and delivering less, is what’s driving up inflation and their cost of life.

“Government departments are also twisting the meaning of the Treaty to justify giving different rights to different groups of New Zealanders.

“They tell us they want to live in a country where two children born side by side are treated equally by their government.

“If New Zealanders give ACT the privilege of being part of the next government, there will be real change in the public service from 15 October.

“We will work as hard to protect every taxpayer dollar as they worked to earn it by going through the budget line by line and requiring departments to justify how their money is being spent. We will demand better healthcare and education for every dollar spent.

“We will stop government discrimination by race by ending co-governance. Services like healthcare will be delivered based on need, not race.

“With ACT in Government, public servants are not going to get away with wasting taxpayers’ money and dividing them by race. On 15 October, real change is coming.”

A copy of the open letter can be found here.

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