“The ACT Party is proposing a change to the law so company directors can have the choice if they want to make their residential address publicly available on the companies register,” says ACT Deputy Leader Brooke van Velden.

“The requirement that residential addresses of all company directors are public is a breach of their privacy and exposes them up to potential abuse, harassment and could even place the director or directors of a company in danger.

“There is no public need to know the addresses of directors and it should be for a company director to determine if the public should have access to their home address.

“There would still be a requirement for a director to register their residential address with the Companies Office, but this would only be used for internal use.

“I have received feedback from many people, predominantly women, who have been worried about their address being published. One woman told me that having her home address made public ‘fills her with dread.’

“ACT is the party of sensible law-making. We’re here to make a difference. This change is about doing the right thing for our communities and public safety.”

A copy of Brooke's Member's Bill can be found here.