“The ACT Party’s coalition commitments will form a core part of the government’s first 100 days of office,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“ACT, National and NZ First have committed to an ambitious work programme that will bring real change for New Zealand.

The key priorities from ACT’s coalition agreement with National that will be enacted in the first 100 days are:

  • Stop work notices on the Income Insurance Scheme, Industry Transformation Plans, and the Lake Onslow pumped hydro scheme.
  • Start work to improve the quality of regulation through a new regulation agency.
  • Repeal the Fair Pay Agreement legislation.
  • Introduce legislation to restore 90-day trial periods for all businesses.
  • Introduce legislation to narrow the Reserve Bank’s mandate to price stability.
  • Begin to cease implementation of new Significant Natural Areas.
  • Repeal Labour’s RMA replacement the Spatial Planning and Natural and Built Environment Act and introduce a fast-track consenting regime.
  • Make Medium Density Residential Standards (MDRS) optional for councils.
  • Stop taxpayer funding for section 27 cultural reports.
  • Begin to repeal and replace Part 6 of the Arms Act 1983 relating to clubs and ranges.
  • Introduce legislation to disestablish the Māori Health Authority.
  • Allow the sale of cold medication containing pseudoephedrine.
  • Begin work to crack down on serious youth offending.

“This is a mammoth agenda but ACT’s Ministers are up for the challenge. We’ve heard from people who are sick of red tape and regulation making it too hard to get on with business, from business owners who find overzealous workplace rules are making it too hard to make a profit, from law-abiding firearms owners who are concerned safe areas like clubs and ranges will be driven out of business, from farmers who are sick of their property rights being trampled over, and from New Zealanders who are sick of their taxes going towards schemes that are not providing a benefit to taxpayers. This first 100 days tackles those issues.

“ACT campaigned for a government of real change. We are proud to be contributing ideas to this government that will solve the urgent problems people elected us to address. ACT’s Ministers are ready to hit the ground running and get to work for New Zealanders.”

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