“The ACT Party has today congratulated National for adopting a suite of familiar measures – now it’s time for the Government to get on board,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Nine of National’s 10 steps announced today can also be found in ACT’s three COVID-19 response documents and statements released over the past year.

“ACT has been calling to supercharge the rollout, order vaccine boosters, upgrade our contact tracing, rollout out saliva testing, rapid test, a COVID response agency, vaccine authentication, investment in COVID treatments and preparing hospitals for months.

“While we have not called for purpose built MIQ we have called for Private MIQ. The way this Government builds, the pandemic will be over before it gets resource consent.

“It’s a clear signal that ACT and National have the ideas and the follow through to present an alternative Government. Such an alternative is clearly needed as Ardern retreats into a smug but increasingly indebted Hermit Kingdom.”

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