“A risk-based approach for overseas arrivals is what ACT has been calling for since August last year”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“In ACT’s Response Plan we call for ‘Risk management: it should aim to be a world leader on risk management, with responses being proportionate to the risks faced.

“The Government has had months and months and all the resources of Government to make this happen, it should have been in place by now.

“But it is better late than never and I applaud the Government for getting there eventually.

“The Government does need to explain why its risk based approach only goes one way. It wants to stop people coming to New Zealand wherever possible but it won’t allow people in safely from COVID-free countries when it’s safe. What about the Cook Islands and Samoa where there is no COVID?

“ACT will continue to push our positive and sensible ideas to help New Zealand bounce back from the COVID crisis.

“The other principles of our COVID-19 Response Plan can be found here and I encourage the Government to pick them up too.

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