“The ACC Minister’s claims that it's appropriate for 1414 staff to have access to sensitive claims just don’t add up,” says ACT Deputy Leader and Health spokesperson Brooke van Velden.

“ACT revealed through Written Parliamentary Questions that 1414 staff have access to 27,000 active sensitive claims each year.

“If those cases were divided among 1414 staff, they would only be dealing with 19 cases per year each.

“Surely productivity at ACC is better than staff handling 19 cases each. Let’s imagine they did one case a week, then they’d only need 540

“ACC should limit the number of people who access these files. There should be specialist people who deal with these claims.

“The fewer people who know a secret, the less likely it is to get out.

“Under questioning in Parliament today the Minister admitted there was work to do and that she has concerns.

“Carmel Sepuloni’s answer is to write a letter to the new Chair. ACT says she should take some responsibility. Ensure that fewer people have access to these sensitive and private medical details.

“New Zealanders deserve sensitivity, dignity and privacy when seeking help for sensitive claims.”

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