“New Zealand is at a constitutional crossroad. In one direction is liberal democracy. In the other is co-government; power-sharing between one ethnic group and all others. ACT will end co-government and restore universal human rights in New Zealand,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The current government is presenting New Zealanders with a false choice. It says that if we want to right the wrongs of the past, cherish Māori language and culture, and give all New Zealanders equal opportunity, then we must throw out universal human rights in favour of co-government.

“We can ensure Māori language and culture are preserved, that every child has equal opportunity, and that the wrongs of the past are put right. Attributing separate rights through co-government will never achieve this, it only causes more division.

“Just think, where will New Zealand be in 50 years’ time if the current path continues, where Kiwis are offered different rights based on their ancestry? ACT says that no matter who your grandparents are, you deserve the same rights and opportunities as everybody else.

“There is nothing in any of the three Treaty articles that suggests Māori should have special rights above other New Zealanders. The Treaty itself guarantees that “all the ordinary people of New Zealand...have the same rights and duties of citizenship.” All New Zealanders have a basic human right to be treated equally under the law and with equal political worth. One person, one vote.

  • ACT would legislate that the principles of the Treaty are based on what the Treaty actually says, in contrast with recent revisionist interpretations of the Treaty’s principles, through a Treaty Principles Act and inviting citizens to ratify it.

“The Labour-NZ First Government commissioned ‘He Puapua’, which has led to co-government being implemented across numerous areas of government. For example, healthcare is now being prioritised according to racial identity and not the actual needs of individual patients.

  • ACT would repeal recent laws that give different rights based on ethnicity, such as the Three Waters legislation, local government legislation, and elements of health legislation.

“The public service is meant to serve all New Zealanders, but even administration and service delivery has become focussed on race. This isn’t a true focus on equity, serving citizens based on their measured need rather than their ancestry is.

  • ACT would reorientate the public service towards a focus on equal opportunity and need according to robust statistical evidence instead of racial targeting, along with devolution and choice for all. The government has access to data that can assess the risks and disadvantages faced by individual people and deliver services in a more targeted way, like the Ministry of Education’s Equity Index, it just isn’t using it properly.

“ACT will fight for democracy. Our vision for New Zealand is in keeping with our liberal democratic traditions, commitment to universal human rights, and growing ethnic diversity. ACT will make sure New Zealand is a truly modern, multi-ethnic, liberal democracy.”

Policy document is here.

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