“Reducing the isolation period by three days is weak response that comes far too late,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Government should follow either the CDC’s advice for Americans, being a five-day isolation period, or the Singaporean model, 72 hours isolation and out with a negative test.

“Once again the Government is entirely reactive. People who are no longer infectious have to keep isolating for no reason.

“The Government needs to apologise for a month of unworkable rules that saw the outbreak grow uncontrollably to a peak while businesses schools and hospitals were decimated.

“ACT has been calling for changes to the Government’s unworkable isolation rules since January. As we predicted, we’ve seen QR code scanning plummet, testing rates low, and streets empty.

“Businesses are suffering a virtual lockdown, some shopkeepers are lucky to get a few customers a day because people are in fear. The Government is trying to change how the courts work because they can’t get juries when people are too scared to come to a selection. The real answer is to get rid of unworkable isolation rules, and it’s been the answer for two months now.

“More generally, the Government needs to take a leaf from ACT’s book in its approach to setting COVID priorities. Going right back to our first COVID policy Paper in August 2020, A Wellbeing Approach to COVID, we’ve said the Government needs to balance all human needs, because COVID is important but it is not our only problem.

“The Government should be bold with the isolation rules. Seventy two hours and you’re out with your first negative test. The Government should accompany this by immediately legalising all 27 Aussie Approved rapid Antigen Tests that are over 90 per cent accurate. Why wouldn’t it?”

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