Farmers make a point not to tell our urban cousins how to live, yet Chlöe from central Auckland is hell-bent on having her say about farmers.

On her first day in the House as Green co-leader, Chlöe Swarbrick made the contemptuous allegation that farmers oppose Significant Natural Areas because we want to ‘kill the birds faster’.

The average farmer will spend far more time tending to the land than Chlöe Swarbrick ever will. Farmers see the relationship between their work and nature every day. We’re hands-on in shielding waterways and planting natives, and we see the birdlife thrive as a result.

Swarbrick’s view from the urban bubble isn’t just wrong, it’s dangerous. When farmers who do good environmental work are punished by having their property rights taken away via SNAs, it removes the incentive to be a conservationist.

Swarbrick announced herself as co-leader with the promise the Greens would speak for all voices in New Zealand. A week later and that idea’s out the window. She needs to do better.

The interjection from Chlöe Swarbrick can be heard during Mark Cameron’s question to the Associate Environment Minister.

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