“New Zealanders know the government books are in terrible shape and they want fiscally responsible policies, not promises of untargeted spending six weeks out from an election.

“Even Chris Hipkins knows Labour’s free dental promise is impossible, he said so himself only weeks ago. Labour’s campaign is now win at all costs, and bugger the state they leave the country in.

“Less than a month ago Chris Hipkins told Newsroom At the moment the system wouldn’t have the capacity to deal with it, and there would likely be significant investment required just in order to build capacity to meet the need for additional dental care,”

He was backed up by Health Minister Ayesha Verrall, who said the health workforce was “certainly not at the level required to achieve universal dental, no.”

“In his speech Hipkins repeatedly mentioned “his values”. He then showed the entire country that he has none by shamelessly announcing an un-costed populist policy he knows doesn’t add up.

“Faced with some bad polls and creeping desperation, Labour has resorted to announcing populist fantasy policies they know they can’t deliver and will only cost Kiwis more. It is exactly the cynical type of politics that Kiwis are sick of.

“in contrast, ACT has been steadily announcing practical policies that address the causes of problems. For example, only weeks ago we announced how we would address health workforce woes, by creating a process for foreign qualified professionals to practice here. That would have helped more Kiwis see the dentist than Labour’s populism.

“Kiwis now have a clear choice. Labour’s stunt policies and track record of failure, or ACT’s real solutions to the challenges of inflation, lawlessness, and division.

“ACT will raise productivity and wages, make the government’s books sustainable, and create a culture where work, savings, investment, and innovation are rewarded. We will take on the politically difficult issues that others avoid, to secure our country’s status as a first world country. We will deal with the size of government and its debt, and the structure of our tax system."

“On 14 October, New Zealanders need to evict this desperate and incompetent Government so we can have real change.”

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