Born in Southland, my parents were sustainable sheep and beef farmers. My Scottish and Irish grandparents migrated to New Zealand to survive the impacts of the highland clearings and potato famine. My family values hard work, responsibility taking, serving others, and equity and justice for all. I have dedicated my working life to delivering education and well-being objectives at community, school, tertiary, and higher education levels through teaching, leadership, and research roles.

I am concerned about the state of education and health in New Zealand. I see well-meaning but poor policy and leadership leading to waste, neglect, and division. I would like to contribute my experience to leading evidence-based solutions in the education sector and health and wellbeing areas. I am an experienced, and innovative solution finder who can lift education and health outcomes. I am standing for office because I will make a valuable contribution and know ACT is the only party where I could make that positive difference.