I began my working life as an electronic engineer. Having a strong entrepreneurial drive, I founded an online property management and booking company. I grew this to a multimillion-dollar business and sold it 18 months ago to a multinational company. My wife and I have since moved from Wellington to the Wairarapa. I am a member of Business Wairarapa, the Property Investors Association and am the president and instructor of the Wellington Wairarapa Gliding Club. I am also the lead coordinator for ACT in the Wairarapa. I enjoy skiing, biking and of course, gliding.

ACT closely matches my personal and political values. I strongly believe in minimal government, individual freedom and personal responsibility. I am against waste, inefficiency and over-regulation which the current government is cursed with. I am passionate about changing the role of government to being an enabler of innovation to improve our prosperity.  I want to see all Kiwis benefit from the important changes that only ACT can bring.