Born into a dairy farming family at Te Puke. My formative years were spent on dairy farms from Te Puke to Kati Kati to Edgecumbe to Reporoa. After secondary school, I complete a Fitting/Turning and Machining apprenticeship in Tauranga, before serving a little over 3 years in the army in Wairouru. I am a father of two young men and am currently employed as a Tertiary Mechanical Engineering Tutor. Outside of work, I enjoy time with family and friends, travelling within New Zealand and reading.

Given my work experience, I have the ability to identify the problem and work to create solutions. We need a government that works for and engages with the people of New Zealand, one that understands that we are one country of one people all equal in rights and justice. Working in Tertiary Education as a Mechanical Engineering Tutor, I see every day the effect poor political decisions have had on our young New Zealanders. As a country, we are going in the wrong direction. The people of this beautiful country need a government of real change and Act is that government.