Proudly born and raised in Christchurch, I have held roles on boards, owned a small business, and been a coach and a manager. I began my career in pharmacy before pivoting to work for the past 10-15 years as a registered evacuation consultant. During this time, my family and I built a market-leading business. I am proud of the relationships I’ve established with clients, Fire and Emergency, and councils. In my spare time, you’ll find me on the side-line cheering on my 2 kids at sport, renovating our 1910s villa, reading, frequenting a local café or exploring New Zealand’s backyard.

New Zealand needs people to stand up and restore the freedoms and rights that have been eroded by the current government. ACT offers logical, researched-based solutions. I have witnessed first-hand the effects of over-regulation on businesses at an extraordinary expense, with little to no benefit. As a libertarian, I believe that less government interference in our lives would enable New Zealand to innovate and flourish. I have a niche for solving problems and thrive on new challenges. My challenge to you is to join us to get this beautiful country moving in a new direction.