My parents migrated from China to New Zealand in the 1950s. Born in Balclutha and raised in Levin, I graduated with an LLB/BCom from Victoria University in 1992. I worked as a chartered accountant in Oxford and London, before returning to New Zealand in 2006. My side hustle of instructing Taekwon-Do instruction took precedence over my corporate life, and in 2013 I opened the Martial Arts Academy. I was appointed as a New Zealand Team Coach and as a High-Performance Director for the International Taekwon-Do Foundation of New Zealand.

We need to change direction before it is too late. Our status as a first-world nation is at risk. Instead of red tape, high taxes, and wasteful government spending, we need policies that reward hard work and increase productivity. Instead of cuddling up to criminals, we need to give the police a clear mandate to protect us. Instead of feel-good announcements, we need well-researched policies that work. Instead of co-governance in everything we need equality and fairness for all New Zealanders. Many talk a good talk; I am standing for ACT because I believe in walking the walk.