I live in Palmerston North with my wife and have three kids. I advise businesses and investment companies on capital raising and selling or buying businesses. Previously, I started a wine marketing and software venture and worked in marketing management roles at DB Breweries, Vodafone, Cardrona and Fletcher Building. I sit on my local school board and am a junior cricket coach. I have a commerce degree and a Master's of Entrepreneurship. I’m a classical liberal who believes in maximising individuals' freedom. I sometimes enjoy golf, but always enjoy cheering on my kids’ sports teams.

We are at the precipice of a social and economic crisis with an abysmal education system, reducing family income due to inflation, obscene housing prices, distressing racial division, and staggering debt and deficits. Only ACT can bring free market and educational reforms that will boost our productivity. Only ACT can inspire an entrepreneurial class that will eliminate the income gap with Australia. Only ACT can lift the social and racial debate such that we stand a chance of moving forward as a country, not collapsing in division. It’s time New Zealand became a successful, aspirational, and united country—only ACT has the policies to do this.