Saturday, 17 August 2019

$1 million to 'get nephs off the couch'

“Shane Jones is paying almost $1 million to get each ‘neph’ off the couch through his Provincial Growth Fund”, according to ACT Leader David Seymour.

On Newshub Nation this morning, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones said his slush fund had created well over 1000 jobs so far.

“If we assume the Provincial Growth Fund has created 1500 jobs through the $1.38 billion of taxpayer money committed, Mr Jones is paying almost $1 million dollars to get each New Zealander into work.

“We are used to seeing waste in Wellington – Steven Joyce and Simon Bridges built a formidable corporate welfare machine. But Jones is taking it to another level. He is running a taxpayer-funded political campaign on behalf of NZ First as he travels around the provinces dispensing largesse at ever stop.

“But no one creates jobs as efficiently as firms investing their own money. Businesses must invest for results, but politicians are simply buying votes. It’s no wonder Provincial Growth Fund jobs come at a cost of $1 million – outcomes don’t matter to Jones when they’ll only become clear after 2020.

“This is why ACT would cut wasteful handouts for the private sector like the Provincial Growth Fund and cut the company tax rate to 17.5 per cent.

“That would ensure that all firms – not just those that are politically-connected in Wellington – have a shot at getting ahead.

“Cutting company taxes is part of ACT’s $10 billion tax cut plan to give New Zealand taxpayers a fair go.”