“With 100 days before the election ACT has set out a stark choice for voters - that there is more of the same from the duopoly of the last 90 years, or a Government of Real Change powered by ACT,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“ACT’s support has grown because we’re the only party confronting the need for Real Change. We have produced a fully costed alternative budget and we haven’t shied away from tough issues that deserve scrutiny.

“Kiwis reading the news today see a country in terminal decline. Almost every part of life is becoming more expensive, less productive, and less safe. This year’s election can’t be about just changing the Government, it needs to be about changing the direction of the country.

“ACT is putting Real Change on the agenda. New Zealand can’t afford to go through another term of Labour running down every aspect of society followed by National slowing the decline but ultimately keeping things the same. History tells us the courage to reverse Labour’s policies and have real change won’t exist unless ACT is a big part of the next government.

“ACT has put forward policies that address the cost-of-living crisis, restore law and order, get rid of divisive race-based policy, make it easier to build affordable homes. ACT’s economic policies will restore the productivity and prosperity that New Zealand needs to move forward as a first world nation with the sort of health and education services that people expect and deserve.

ACT has announced that we will:

  • Slash wasteful government spending by $38 billion without touching a single frontline service.
  • Deliver a tax package that will take New Zealand from five tax rates down to two and leave everyone better off.
  • Legislate that the principles of the Treaty are based on the actual Treaty, and repeal recent laws, such as the Three Waters legislation, local government representation legislation, and elements of the Pae Ora legislation, that give different rights based on identity.
  • Get rid of unnecessary red tape and regulations and prevent new ones from appearing by setting a higher bar for new regulation, with a Minister and Ministry of Regulation who will be responsible for applying the principles across sectors.
  • Invest in safer communities by increasing the number of prison beds so dangerous criminals can be kept off the streets, bringing back Three Strikes, and requiring rehabilitation before parole.
  • Provide the ability to lock up serious youth offenders with the construction of 200 new youth justice beds under the management of the Department of Corrections.
  • Ensure there are instant penalties and real consequences for youth offenders with youth infringement notices and ankle bracelets for serious offenders.
  • Increase capitation rates for GP practices, so New Zealanders can get an appointment with their GP when they need one.
  • Share over a billion dollars a year with councils for infrastructure through GST-sharing, but only if they say ‘yes’ to building more homes.
  • Ensure daily national attendance reporting and consequences for truancy to get kids back in the classroom.
  • Repeal the Zero Carbon Act, instead tying our emissions price to that of our five main trading partners to ensure there is a level playing field for growers and producers competing overseas.
  • Pay good teachers more and pay the best teachers a lot more with the Teaching Excellence Reward Fund.
  • Protect New Zealand and its allies by increasing defence spending to match Australia’s at 2% of GDP.
  • Defend choice and freedom to contract by amending the Employment Relations Act.

“This is just some of the practical policy ACT has put on the table, and there is more to come.

“The other parties like to dream up ways to spend your money and make new rules. ACT thinks about how we can get out of your way so you can earn more money and get on with your life.

“New Zealand should be the best place to study, work and do business in the world. It should have the most competitive tax and regulatory policies and be somewhere where people can be confident they won’t be the victim of crime, or find themselves less able to access public services because of their ethnicity. ACT’s vision is for a multi-ethnic liberal democracy where working Kiwis aren’t punished, but get ahead, and where families are proud to live and raise their kids.

“The alternative is grim. If New Zealand continues in its current trajectory we could lose first world status and become just another island paradise that's nicer to visit than live in.

“ACT will never give up on New Zealand. We can again build a country united behind good ideas. Everyone, together, will be better off with ACT in Government this year. In 100 days we need real change.”

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