The ACT caucus is today celebrating the party’s many wins delivered with the conclusion of the Government’s 100-day plan.

ACT policies have formed the leading edge of this Government’s agenda – our coalition wins have taken New Zealand far further toward the ideals of freedom, choice, and personal responsibility than what Kiwis would have seen without us.

Tackling crime, getting the cost of living under control, and winding back bureaucratic co-governance has been high on the agenda, and today we’re committing to maintaining this focus.

We’d like to thank our colleagues in National and New Zealand First. We often have different views, but we always strive for common ground and resolve disagreements quickly. The coalition is working well together.

New Zealanders will have noticed we’ve spent a large share of our time in Parliament so far repealing bad Labour legislation. None of us entered politics to talk about our opponents’ ideas, but the repeal process has been absolutely essential to clean the slate before we deliver on the clear vision of Real Change we presented to voters. The whole ACT team is very proud of the first steps we have taken toward this vision.

In our first 100 days in Government, ACT has delivered a long list of wins for New Zealanders:

For the economy and cost of living, we:

  • Restored the Reserve Bank’s single mandate to tackle inflation.
  • Instructed 39 government departments and agencies to reduce
  • spending.
  • Repealed the Auckland Fuel Tax.
  • Scrapped the ute tax.
  • Shut down the Productivity Commission
  • …and used the savings to start work on a new regulation-busting Ministry
  • Issued stop-work notices on:
    • Three Waters
    • The jobs tax (AKA Unemployment Insurance)
    • Let’s Get Wellington Moving
    • Industry Transformation Plans
    • Auckland Light Rail
    • Lake Onslow hydro scheme

For more flexible employment, we:

  • Repealed Unfair Pay Agreements.
  • Made 90-day trial periods an option for all businesses.
  • Secured an update to the minimum wage that is manageable for business.

For law and order, we:

  • Made gang membership an aggravating factor at sentencing.
  • Increased police powers to search gangs for firearms.
  • Abolished the prisoner reduction target.
  • Stopped taxpayer funding for section 27 cultural reports.
  • Announced the establishment of military-style academies for young serious offenders.
  • Enabled more audio-visual technology in court proceedings.
  • Repealed prohibitionist tobacco plans.
  • Had a private members’ bill drawn to ensure prisoners undertake rehabilitation programmes before becoming eligible for parole.

For infrastructure, we:

  • Began work on a National Infrastructure Agency.
  • Repealed Labour’s resource management regime.
  • Repealed the Three Waters legislation.
  • Made Labour’s residential zoning rules optional for councils.
  • Stopped blanket speed limit reductions.

For rural communities, we:

  • Began work to cease implementation of new Significant Natural Areas.
  • Boosted the battle to contain the invasive seaweed caulerpa.
  • Began work replacing Labour’s freshwater regime.

For health, we:

  • Disestablished the Māori Health Authority.
  • Allowed the sale of cold medication containing pseudoephedrine
  • Sped up the process for approving and funding new medicines.
  • Opened up the official COVID-19 inquiry to the public.

These wins are just the beginning. Our coalition agreement with National contains a far longer list of actions needed to make New Zealand a truly prosperous, safe, free, and equal country.

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