MPs dodge assisted dying debate

ACT Leader David Seymour is deeply disappointed at certain National MPs’ choice to veto debate on the End of Life Choice Bill.

“National MPs’ blockage of the debate is a sad display of political sidestepping. Acknowledging the most critical issues faced by New Zealanders is literally what MPs are paid to do. But thanks to the actions of certain MPs today, we don’t even get a debate.

General Debate - End of Life Choice

Mr Speaker,

Martin Hames was sick and knew he would get sicker.  He took his own life alone, not wanting to implicate anybody else in his death.  He did it much earlier than he would have liked, because he knew the advancing condition of his Huntington’s disease would prevent him from later taking such an action.

Free Press - 2/05/2016

Do as We Say
Once again the Green Party has topped parliament for air travel expenses.  At an average of $6,490 per MP, they edged out the Labour Party.  The Nats averaged $5,342 each, NZ First MPs $5,291 and ACT $5,777.  None of the Greens are Ministers or electorate MPs.  Where do they go, and why should we take their environmental message seriously?

Auckland Transport needs to get back in its box

ACT Leader David Seymour is encouraging mayoral candidate Vic Crone’s stand on political billboards. Crone has been forbidden by Auckland Transport to use billboard sites for her campaign by Auckland Transport, even though the sites have already been approved for commercial uses.

“She is absolutely right.  Why should candidates not be allowed to use billboard space that would have had some form of billboard anyway?

Free Press - 26/04/2016

Lest we Forget
This week Free Press honours those who lost their lives so that we might live in a free society.  Those who made the ultimate sacrifice, those who served in conflict, and those who continue to serve in the New Zealand Defence Force.

National breaking tax promises

The introduction of a land tax would be a broken promise, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“National promised ‘no new taxes’ during the last election campaign. Then they introduced a travel levy and a capital gains tax. For the third time now, this promise could be broken, as the Prime Minister ponders a land tax. It’s another example of National campaigning from the Right and governing from the Left.

Funding policy to blame for Corelli school liquidation

ACT Leader David Seymour has criticised the unfair playing field for private schools in response to the liquidation of Corelli International Academic School of the Arts.

“It’s deeply disappointing to see such a respected private school threatened with closure due to financial obstacles,” says Mr Seymour.

“These schools compete with state schools, but at huge disadvantage. Private school funding was capped 15 years ago, the same year Corelli was founded, while state school funding has increased year-on-year.

Free Press - 18/4/2016

Trudeau I
As a conviction politician, Pierre Trudeau changed Canada.  Mostly for the worse, but he did have some good convictions such as declaring that the ‘state has no place in the bedroom.’

Pay-as-you-go provisional tax a win for businesses

The move from provisional tax to a pay-as-you-go system is a significant forward step for New Zealand’s tax policy, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“This will be a long-awaited relief for many self-employed and business-owning Kiwis.

“The efficiencies of digital payments and accounting mean that a pay-as-you-go system has been overdue for some time. Our laws need stay in line with technological advances.

“Lower and simpler taxes should be important to any centre-right government so it’s good to see National address one part of that equation.