Good management, but where’s the reform?

Mr Speaker,

Once upon a long, long time ago, the Labour Party were ready for Government.   Their leader, the late Norman Kirk, said that New Zealanders didn’t want much, just somewhere to work, somewhere to live, someone to love, and something to hope for.

The interesting thing about Kirk is that he won power after 12 years of Keith Holyoake, New Zealand’s longest serving and least ambitious modern Prime Minister. 

Free Press - 8/02/2016

Parliament Resumes
After giving the country a two month break, parliament will resume tomorrow.  Your property is no longer safe.  The parliamentary year begins with debate on the Prime Minister’s Statement, set down for 13 hours.

TPP protesters embarrass New Zealand and themselves

ACT Leader David Seymour says those involved in the ugly scenes outside Sky City should have stayed home and read about the benefits of trade or, better still, gone to work.

“Today is a chance to showcase New Zealand on the world stage. Instead, international media is broadcasting ugly, self-righteous hooliganism,” said Mr Seymour.

Labour chooses votes over education quality

Since Labour introduced interest free student loans, New Zealand’s Universities have tumbled down the world rankings, and ACT Leader David Seymour says that the two are connected.

“Labour’s approach to education is funding for votes, and quality be damned,” says Mr Seymour.

Since 2006 the University of Auckland has fallen from 46th to 82nd, and Otago to 173rd from 79th.