Too important to stay home

Stopping Winston Peters is too important for Northland voters to stay home, says ACT Northland candidate Robin Grieve.
"If Northland voters care about roads, getting tough on burglary and stock rustling, opening up mineral exploration and reforming the RMA, they must use their vote to say so," said Mr Grieve.

"At the Northland Field Days more than half of voters said they wouldn't vote. I doubt that only 19 per cent are undecided or not voting.

Free Thoughts - On Grey Power and NZ Super

In my recent ACT Party conference speech I called for a referendum on options for the future of New Zealand Superannuation, with a view to ensuring we have a fiscally sustainable structure which can accommodate our lengthening life expectancy and the demographic reality of a rising proportion of retired-to-working-age people.

The objective is to ensure that the New Zealand Superannuation scheme is fair across the generations, and sustainable for future governments.

Grey Power: This is about your grandchildren

ACT Leader David Seymour is disappointed to read of Grey Power’s opposition to addressing the sustainability of NZ Super.

"In a press release, Grey Power president Terry King claimed that my call for a referendum process akin to the flag committee was ‘a cheap publicity stunt at the expense of retired people’," said Mr Seymour.

“Supporting a referendum on age isn’t about changing the system for current retirees. It’s about signposting a clear plan to ensure the system is sustainable as the population ages and people retire in the decades to come.

Free Press 2/03/2015

Only Businessman
Robin Grieve, an orchardist and health and safety consultant, is the only Northland by-election candidate who’s supporting himself in the private sector. “A council bureaucrat, a career politician, a district councillor, and a self-employed businessman walk into a bar…”

A simple question for Mr Peters: Where do you live?

"Winston Peters has set a new record, being economical with the truth only hours into his campaign," claims Northland ACT candidate Robin Grieve.