Three tests ACT has passed this election

ACT Final Election Rally

Dr Jamie Whyte

Oh So Café, 29 Crummer Road Grey Lynn

12 noon 19 September 2014

Elections campaigns are an opportunity for political parties to put forward candidates and policy to enable voters to choose what sort of New Zealand we want.  In this campaign there have been three tests by which you can assess the electoral choices for your vote.

If you want to avoid three years of political instability Party Vote ACT.

Voters who are concerned that on the latest polls we may be heading for three years of instability have it in their hands to deliver a decisive result.

A Party Vote For ACT is worth four times a party vote for National.

This is because of a little known aspect of MMP.

Under MMP the electorates a party wins are deducted from the number of list MPs awarded.

On average it will take 60,000 votes to elect each National list MP.

Whereas it takes just 16,000 to elect an ACT MP

So the answer is easy.

Party vote ACT for three years of stability.

In 12 months’ time, here is what will matter

In three days’ time I will be elected along with a number of ACT MPs.  I think the media will be surprised and ask how it happened?

Let me tell you.

First, ACT has been rising in all the polls.  On the latest Colmar Brunton poll, David Seymour wins Epsom and I am elected.

Why are we letting a convicted German fraudster and his American polemicists steal our election?

"It is safe to predict that in 12 months time these American polemicists that Mr Dotcom has flown in will be forgotten.

"Next year Mr Dotcom will be in America facing trial and what will be important to New Zealanders will be issues like the economy and jobs,” said Dr Jamie Whyte ACT Leader.

“This why ACT has stayed out of all these so called scandals. 

"I have only talked about our practical solutions to reduce taxes, cut red tape and grow a stronger economy."

Prisoners could earn $90,000: Colin Craig's Incredible Claims Continue

Media Release ACT Party  15 September 2014   Immediate Release

David Seymour:  ACT Candidate for Epsom

Prisoners could earn $90,000: Colin Craig's Incredible Claims Continue

Hot on the heels of a Conservative Party candidate proposing to double the price of a bottle of wine, Colin Craig has come up with an even more fantastic idea to buttress his uncosted tax policy.