Colin Craig is deluded and dangerous

“Colin Craig is proposing a radical transformation of our constitution. The Conservatives are proposing to overthrow of one hundred and fifty odd years of parliamentary democracy and replace it with binding referenda,” said ACT Leader Dr Jamie Whyte.

“Yet Craig does not want a referendum to make this change. He has said repeatedly he will support a Labour/Green government if they will agree to binding referendum. In other words, Colin Craig thinks that if he gets just 5% of the vote, he should be able to overthrow our form of government.” 

Greens' Warrant of Fitness for homes will evict poor, students

“An army of inspectors will find fault with homes making them unprofitable to maintain so the total pool of rental properties must decrease. That is economics 101.” said Dr Whyte.

As New Zealand politicians promise more taxes, the US debates reducing Company tax

The Op Ed pages of the left-leaning New York Times are full of articles by economists supporting  proposals to dramatically lower Company Taxes. These economists are urging the United States to lower company taxes and point to Canada where the lowering of company tax has increased the size of the  economy - to the extent that the tax reductions are self- funding.

New Zealand now has a company tax rate that is higher than the European Community average.  The evidence is that high company tax rates are one of the reasons why New Zealand's real wages are so low.

ACT Radio Broadcast

Played on National Radio - Saturday 23 August 2014

Promoted by Garry Mallett, 809 River Road, Hamilton.

ACT's plan to reduce the cost of new housing by $100,000 and it does not cost the taxpayer a cent

ACT has a plan that will reduce the cost of a new house by up to one hundred thousand dollars. 
Both Labour and National have now announced housing affordability schemes that will cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions and both parties say the other parties’ scheme will increase the cost of new houses. They are both right.

ACT’s plan will not cost the taxpayer a cent. ACT’s plan will work. ACT’s plan is based on sound economics and is endorsed by some of the country’s leading economists as the only plan that will make housing affordable again.