Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Winter grazing rules show Wellington doesn’t understand farming

“Today’s release of the winter grazing standards again show a Government out of touch with the primary sector,” says ACT’s Primary Industries spokesperson Mark Cameron.

“It’s in a farmer’s best interest to look after their land and their animals but Government can’t bring themselves to acknowledge this.

“Farmers are continually improving their practices but the Government is intent on sharing the virtues of what it thinks should be on farm practices, without ever having done it.

“Farmers are the best custodians of the land and hold animal welfare to the utmost standards. Sadly here politics often suffocates practicality.

“Farming practices vary hugely from farm to farm with different topography and soil type. The rules set around back fencing, how crops should be sown and livestock kilograms per hectare show a lack of understanding.

“Worse yet the Ministry for Primary Industries wants farmers and bystanders to rat each other out through their 0800 hotline.

“We saw the huge issues last year’s winter grazing rules caused farmers. For bureaucrats to continue to weigh in shows it still not giving farmers the respect they deserve.”