Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Winston poacher turned gamekeeper on corruption

Winston Peters’ fiery defence of Shane Jones over the Manea scandal shows no longer has any principles when it comes to ministerial misconduct, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The man who once held the previous Government’s feet to the fire over alleged wrongdoing through Whanau Ora is now defending bad behaviour in his own ranks.

“Peters called Whanau Ora a ‘bro-ocracy where taxpayers' cash is divided up amongst the bros.’

“But he’s now defending Shane Jones who, as ACT revealed on Sunday, played a key role in getting money for an organisation he once chaired. Jones then tried to cover his tracks by providing misleading answers to parliamentary questions asked by ACT.

“If he was in Opposition, Peters would have been all over this scandal. But instead he’s donkey deep defending his political successor.

“Peters was a lion in Opposition but now he’s a lamb in Government.

“The Deputy Prime Minister says it’s unacceptable that I have called for the Prime Minister to sack Shane Jones. But what’s really unacceptable is Jones' behaviour in relation to the Manea project.

“Peters should show some spine and sanction Shane Jones, rather than trying to defend the indefensible.”