“Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi should tell New Zealanders on what grounds he rejected the applications from a group of Afghan people who helped New Zealand’s military,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“A group of Afghan people who assisted New Zealand in the Afghanistan conflict had their applications declined by Kris Faafoi on 5 July. Faafoi must now tell us on what grounds he made that decision.

“These people were tractor drivers, labourers, cleaners and cooks for our Defence Force. Today they are fearing for their lives because of the assistance they gave New Zealand.

“Why would Labour say yes to residency for someone like violent drug smuggler Karel Sroubek and no to people who helped us in conflict?

“Others wrote directly to Jacinda Ardern in May and nothing was done.

“Ardern told media this morning “We have to make decisions quickly.” Quickly would have been months ago.

“Canada got the Afghan people who helped them out last month.

“It’s bad enough that Kris Faafoi has screwed up the Hate Speech legislation, the Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation and the immigration system, but this is now life or death.

“The Taliban have moved fast but this Government had opportunities to help much sooner than today. It’s time for answers.”