“Labour has made it so difficult to be an employer many Kiwis just won’t bother. ACT hears ya,” says ACT’s Small Business spokesperson Chris Baillie.

“Since Labour came to power it has been added expense after added expense for small business owners. increases in minimum wage, so called “fair pay” agreements, another public holiday, the highest alcohol excise increase in 30 years, the end of 90 day trials, and increased sick leave entitlements.

“How are businesses meant to grow when the Government is inflicting more costs on them at every opportunity.

“Labour just don’t get it, they think they’re helping employees with all these but actually they’re making it harder for them to be hired in the first place.

“Take 90-day trials for example, they gave employers the opportunity to take a chance on workers they wouldn’t otherwise. Young or low-skilled workers, or people who have been out work, have the most to gain from being employed on a trial basis.

“’Fair pay’ agreements amount to compulsory unionism that will reduce productivity and make it harder for employers to grow their businesses. ACT will get rid of them before the ink dries on any contracts.

“ACT will stand up for New Zealand businesses. We will:

• Reverse the Government’s workplace relations changes, including Matariki, or swap it for one of the other existing statutory holidays

• Repeal “Fair Pay” Agreements

• Reverse new sick leave entitlements

• Reinstate 90-day trials for all businesses

• Pause minimum wage increases for three years

“ACT has employers’ backs. We know they need tax and regulation relief and will fight on their behalf for more sensible, sustainable economic policies so they can grow their businesses and employ more New Zealanders. We hear ya.”

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