“Jacinda Ardern has today made it clear in Parliament that she has no plan for New Zealand to move on from COVID-19,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Last week Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison outlined a four-phase plan to reopen Australia to the world.

“Today when I asked Jacinda Ardern where her plan was, she couldn’t tell me.

“She pointed out that every country is “experimenting” with their COVID response, but she also pointed out they all have a plan for reconnecting with the world while we have none.

“Australian businesses and households can see how this thing ends, and when various freedoms will return. Our Government either lacks such a plan or thinks we are unworthy of reading it.

“We need a roadmap out of this. We can’t keep going through lockdowns forever.

“It’s time to start treating New Zealanders like adults. This Government has never been open and transparent but it’s not too late to start.”