“Advertising by Tourism South Australia on New Zealand television shows the gulf in proactiveness between New Zealand and Australia when it comes to getting the economy restarted,” according to ACT Leader David Seymour.

“While Tourism New Zealand cries ‘do something, New Zealand,’ and says it is ‘leading a piece of work,’ New Zealand tourism operators are taunted by South Australia’s advertising inviting New Zealanders to come over ‘when [they’re] ready’ on prime time television.

“The underlying problem is that there is no clarity or leadership from within the Government. There is infighting and political grandstanding between the coalition partners, but no clear framework for making decisions.

“Our Government has lost the momentum. 37,500 jobs were lost in April and we have no COVID-19 cases in hospital. We’re all waiting for the Government to take the initiative. The Government appears blinded by a small coterie of public health advisors, unable to recognise the economic costs of continued restrictions on economic wellbeing.

“At the very least, the Prime Minister needs to be open about the decision-making framework so that businesses can plan and anticipate what kinds of international travel might be possible, and when. So far, it seems you might get a special exemption if you are involved in a glamorous industry such as film, but for everyone else, who knows?

“In reality it is quite simple. The Government’s strategy is elimination (in the public health sense of the word). It’s been achieved. The Government claims to have adequate public health measures in place to manage any outbreak. The risk of an outbreak from Australians moving around New Zealand and New Zealanders visiting Australia is negligible. The costs of not doing so are enormous and growing by the day.

“So, what are we waiting for?”