“New Zealanders should be very concerned at reports of a $1,000-a-head secret meeting at which Winston Peters is alleged to have offered one-on-one time in a private room,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“They should be further concerned by reports that attendees from the firearms community were left with the impression they would get their policies implemented, but didn’t.

The meeting is alleged to have taken place on 13 February at Jervois Steakhouse in Ponsonby.

“We know that this was not pay-for-play, because NZ First never keeps a promise anyway, but reports of a policy meeting where people have to pay to attend is not the kind of conduct most people expect from politicians in New Zealand.

“If Peters took the money on false pretences, as some attendees have reported, he should pay it back. Maybe he could do so at the same time he pays his court costs.”