“National has today started to move closer to towards ACT than Labour – but they’re still trying to eat their cake and have it too,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“National has promised large scale infrastructure and other spending and to provide tax relief, it’s just not realistic.

“ACT’s alternative budget shows what really could be done - twice as much tax relief in the first year, and the debt paid down in half the time.

“Hardworking Kiwis don't need tax-cuts yo-yo-ing like we have seen with lockdowns. They deserve certainty.

“Most households budget down to the last cent. Is National telling parents that after 16 months they’ll have to cancel swimming lessons for their children when their tax cut is taken away?

“We need an honest conversation about debt and voters need to ask themselves, who do they trust to hold them all accountable? To stop the wasteful spending, endless hand-outs and put more money in your pocket, permanently.

“We could have close to 30 percent of GDP by 2034, it’s still possible if we make the right choices. ACT’s Debt Destroyer shows New Zealanders the decisions we can make to get New Zealand back to surplus faster.”

ACT’s Debt Destroyer can be found here.