“When even the PPTA disagrees with Labour’s changes to NCEA, you know it can’t be a good idea,” says ACT’s Education spokespersons and former high school teacher Chris Baillie.

“The Government is out of touch with schools.

Teachers are under enough pressure at the moment without ill thought out tinkering. The Government should be thinking about students, not ideologies.

“Our education standards are falling across every measure and truancy is out of control. This has been greatly exacerbated by Labour removing education standards and kids becoming disengaged after lockdown and disruptions.

“ACT's policies appreciate teachers, give schools and parents flexibility, aim for excellence and more accountability.

“We need real change to our education system so we have better outcomes for New Zealand children and ultimately the entire country.

“Children have a wide range of needs and not all of them fit into the same box. That was why ACT’s charter schools were so successful and changed the lives of many children who were struggling to fit into our traditional schooling system.

“Having outstanding teachers is often the factor that makes a real difference in children’s lives as well. That’s why ACT would introduce the Teaching Excellence Reward Fund (TERF) to ensure teachers who are making a difference are getting rewarded, and not fleeing to a bigger salary in Australia.

“Our education system is a slow moving disaster that needs real change, not unambitious targets and no ideas how to achieve them.”

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