“ACT’s three strikes law is working as intended after man with a history of violent offending received his third strike and was given a seven year prison sentence.


This was the first case in which a third striker was ordered to serve a prison sentence without parole.


Hayze Neihana Waitokia received his first strike after a vicious assault in which he repeatedly punched, kicked, and struck a victim with a piece of wood. His second strike came after he stalked and sexually assaulted a 17 year-old girl. Waitokia received his third strike after stabbing someone in the leg.


“Prior to 2010, Waitokia would have only received jail time of two years and three months. As a result of ACT’s three strikes law, he was jailed for seven years.


Waitokia had 14 prior convictions, including six violent offences. The judge noted he was at high-risk of reoffending and that the public needed protection from him.


The three strikes law is designed to deliver a harsh response to criminals who repeatedly commit serious offences.


“The Government is currently holding a ‘Justice Summit’ in Wellington.


“Andrew Little, Winston Peters, and other Ministers need to ask themselves whether they want repeat violent offenders to be able to churn through our justice system creating an endless string of victims.