The Associate Minister of Immigration’s decision to allow the Shchetkova family to remain in New Zealand is a victory for common sense, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Immigration New Zealand initially judged, through administrative misadventure, the family didn’t bring ‘sufficient benefit’ to the country and declined their residence application.

“But a petition urging the Minister to intervene gathered almost 15,000 signatures. Nataliya Shchetkova also appeared in front of a parliamentary select committee to make her case.

The Minister’s decision will allow the family to remain in the country for another 12 months and apply for residence.

“New Zealanders rallied behind the Shchetkovas because they could sense the deep injustice of the situation.

“The family made New Zealand their home six years ago, built a successful business employing 26 people, and now have strong connections in their community.

“As a country, we must be welcoming of hardworking and entrepreneurial migrants.

“The Associate Minister of Immigration’s decision is a victory for common sense.”