The Government's Stupidest Policy?

Smoking kills 5,000 Kiwis each year, with massive health and economic costs. Tobacco tax hasn’t stopped people smoking, but it sure has got the Government addicted - raising $2.2 billion each year. Meanwhile, shop-owners get bashed up because the tax means bricks of tobacco are like gold bars in their cupboards.

Vaping is the best technology ever invented for people to stop smoking. Thousands have quit and probably had their lives saved by it. Vaping is also the biggest threat to the Government’s tobacco tax revenue. So what is the Government doing? Cracking down on it, of course.

They’re planning to make a new law to:

  • Ban flavours, even though 90 per cent of sales are flavoured

  • Ban advertising, making it harder for people to find out there’s a safer alternative

  • Ban vaping in smoke free areas

  • Ban discounts of vaping products

They’re going to crack down on the safe alternative to tobacco as if was… tobacco. We wish we were making this up, but we’re not.

ACT stands for freedom. We're standing up for vaping because it’s the right thing to do. Vaping saves lives and, frankly, it is nobody's damn business if you want to do it.

This is your campaign where you can make a difference. Please sign up to stop this stupid proposal. We will send you updates on the what the Government’s up to. When the time is right, we might call on you help persuade others.


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Join the Campaign to Support Sensible Vaping Regulation

ACT's sensible vaping regulation would

  • Allow the market to provide innovative solutions to help people quit smoking, including a range of flavours and packaging.

  • Let business owners decide whether vaping is allowed on their premises.

  • Allow advertising, so that smokers are aware of alternatives.

  • Create a tax incentive to quit by introducing only GST on vaping products and not excise duties.