“The new ‘Unite For Recovery’ ad campaign shows New Zealand is being run by a PR agency masquerading as a government,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Overnight, the ‘Unite Against Covid-19’ campaign became ‘Unite For Recovery’. With an election on the horizon, Labour will keep the country on a war footing and continue its daily political broadcasts.

“It should instead be focussed on having the world’s smartest borders, establishing a trans-Tasman bubble, and developing the policies needed for a stronger economy.

“The ‘team of five million’ was used for one of the greatest PR exercises of all time. The polls show Labour has done a remarkable job at controlling the narrative and controlling New Zealanders.

“But Labour doesn’t want the Covid-19 crisis to end. It is desperate to avoid a return to day-to-day politics. That would mean having to talk about its failings on child poverty, housing and infrastructure and solving our country’s long-term issues.

“But Labour must move beyond a crisis mentality and articulate a clear, coherent plan for the economy.

“New Zealanders need to be treated like adults. People are over being told to wash their hands like four-year-olds. They’re focussed on keeping their jobs and paying the bills.

“That can only happen if we start using innovative technology at the border to allow businesses to access external markets and create an environment in which businesses can grow.

“ACT is the only political party that has produced a clear, comprehensive 6-point plan to cut taxes and red tape, go for growth, create new job opportunities, have the smartest borders in the world, and take on less debt.”