PETITION: Support a Trans-Tasman bubble

It’s time for the Government to start treating New Zealanders like adults and open our borders to Covid-free Australian states and territories.

Tourism operators are desperate for Australian travellers as hotels are mothballed and workers are laid off.

Epidemiologist Michael Baker has said the risk of infection from Australia is incredibly low.

It’s within the Government’s power to open our borders on a “state by state” basis right now – we don’t have to wait.

We can’t afford to put the Australian border in the too hard basket.

ACT says that, if a person is travelling from an Australian state or territory which has had no Covid-19 cases for 14 days, and can produce a negative pre-departure test, they should be able to enter New Zealand without going through an MIQ facility.

Sign the peition for a Trans-Tasman bubble

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