Transport is an area where New Zealand needs to do much better. We suffer from massive underinvestment in transport infrastructure, in the cities and the regions. Congestion is not only a major frustration, but also an economic growth killer as people and goods sit stuck in traffic and winding along sub standard roads.

ACT favours an increase in the use of funding options that better reflect the principle of user pays, such as tolls on new and existing roads, congestion charges, peak time charges and preferential lanes. Any revenue generated from these tolls should be offset by cuts in petrol tax.

Proper pricing and reduced congestion will make public transport much faster and more attractive. At present fifty people on a bus sit behind fifty single occupancy vehicles, because we do not price road use accurately.

ACT believes that the use of technology and entrepreneurship should be encouraged in transport. Ride-sharing, car-sharing, congestion charging and high occupancy toll lanes should be introduced and/or encouraged.


Lobbied the government for regulation to enable ride-sharing not stifle it.

Supported the continued use of Public Private Partnerships to fund and maintain infrastructure.

Promoted road pricing as fairer, more efficient, and better for the environment.


  • Encourage private sector investment in road construction, both through direct ownership and partnerships with central and local government.
  • Reduce or abandon petrol tax and introduce road pricing on new and existing roads, congestion charging, peak time charges and preferential lanes.
  • Encourage ride-sharing and car-sharing to further reduce congestion.
  • Review regulation to ensure the viability of autonomous vehicles.