Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Tomorrow must be Transparency Day

“Tomorrow is that day that the Government must show transparency about COVID-19 test results, tracing, and how it will make a decision about ending or extending the current restrictions,” according to ACT Leader David Seymour

“News of community transmission has devastated people trying to run their businesses and households. There is real despair with some saying that if they are closed by a lockdown they will never reopen.

“Three days of restrictions are not as bad as the uncertainty created, and the nagging sense that three days is just an opening gambit. The only antidote to anxiety and despair is transparency and certainty from the Government.

“Tomorrow, the Government must answer questions candidly, including:

• How many chains of transmission are being traced?
• Where are they?
• How many contacts have been called?
• How many have been isolated?
• How many have been tested?
• What are the test results?

“The Government must tell us how close it is to identifying the original source of COVID-19, which must have been at the border.

“Transparency Day is the day the Government must tell the New Zealand people how close it is to isolating the virus so the restrictions can be lifted and people can get back to running their businesses and households.”