“It’s hardly surprising that the Chief Ombudsman is investigating the shonky MIQ booking system – it’s time to stop the cruelty and restore fairness,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“There are thousands of Kiwis trying to return home their own country. Many are separated from their family, desperate to be with dying loved ones, trying attend funerals and just wanting to come home to their own country.

“Hundreds of complaints describe the system as unlawful, unfit for purpose, unfair, and poorly managed.

“ACT put forward an alternative to allow private MIQ. This was ignored by Government.

“We now say that if someone is double vaccinated and has tested negative for COVID-19, they should be able to self-isolate.

“The Government will let someone with COVID isolate at home. COVID Response Minister Chris Hipkins has said that someone who is double vaccinated and tested negative is extremely unlikely to have COVID, so why can’t they isolate at home?

“It’s time the Government realised we are a team of six million. There are a million off-shore Kiwis who call New Zealand home who have been disowned by the Government.  Let’s stop the Hunger Games.”