“The Government has made it clear it's willing to get back to the table with the Laura Fergusson Trust, so we need answers about why the Trust is refusing,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Laura Fergusson Trust has been a safe haven for young people with physical and neurological impairments to receive treatment without having to go to a rest home.

“Today in Parliament I asked the Minister of Health whether the Ministry had offered financial support to the Trust to continue these vital services.

“The Ministry of Health said when it engaged with the Trust all offers were on the table, including funding but the Trust said its decision to stop providing services was final.

“It makes no sense that the Trust isn’t doing everything it can to save this centre. It needs to be up front with the community about why it’s not fighting for its residents.

“The Auckland community has spent five decades fundraising for this worthy cause. The lives of countless young people have been improved by its services.

“The Trust has gone to ground and won’t take questions. I’m asking them to get back to the table with the Ministry of Health and fight for the disabled community.”