PETITION: Dump Three Waters

It’s critical New Zealanders have safe drinking water and high-quality water infrastructure. Our current system isn’t up to scratch, but Labour’s Three Water reforms aren’t the answer.

Moving control of water assets away from local communities will result in more bureaucracy and less local input.

The four proposed water service companies would all be based in major cities with board members appointed by council and iwi representatives. There’s no guarantee water users in rural or provincial communities will be represented.

Introducing divisive co-governance, and giving iwi a seat at the table just because of who their ancestors were, is undemocratic.

ACT believes we can improve the current system, but we don’t need to do so through centralisation and co-governance.

Our plan balances community control of water assets with improving infrastructure to ensure safety and efficient water allocation. You can read ACT’s Water Infrastructure Plan here.

Simon Court MP
ACT Local Government Spokesperson

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