“The ACT Party in Government would not only reinstate Three Strikes, but we would also introduce a new Three Strikes law for burglary offences,” says ACT Justice spokesperson Nicole McKee.

“If anyone ever doubted that this Government cares more about cuddling criminals than it does about protecting victims and the community, the repeal of the Three Strikes law is proof.

“ACT’s Three Strikes law has been hugely popular. Seventy five per cent of New Zealanders support it. Eighty per cent of submitters at Select Committee opposed Labour’s repeal.

“These submitters urged the Government to take victimisation seriously and felt that repealing Three Strikes does not reflect an approach to criminal justice that prioritises victim’s needs.

“ACT would not only bring this policy back, but we would also expand it to burglaries. Burglaries are often premeditated and can cause huge financial and psychological harm to victims.

“There were 289,000 burglaries over the past year. Weak sentencing for burglary means there’s little motivation for people to report burglaries, and little reason for police to give them priority. It also means there’s no deterrent for people to stop committing them.

“Offenders who repeatedly violate other people’s homes and privacy and take possessions that other people have worked hard for would face a minimum three year prison sentence without parole.

“Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own home. ACT’s policy will make sure criminals pay the price for violating that and make offenders think twice before committing crimes.”

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