Friday, 13 November 2020

This Government runs on smiles and slogans

“The latest Covid community case is more evidence that the Government runs on smiles and slogans,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“How is it that a financially struggling media which operates on the smell of an oily rag was able to alert people at The Vincent Residences there was a Covid case in the building before a government with a blank cheque to fight the virus?

“Labour couldn’t deliver a pizza, let alone the world’s smartest Covid response.

“Remember, the Government had a head start. It was aware of the case yesterday morning. Media only became aware at 1pm.

“Even then, journalists camped outside the building were quicker than health officials to tell residents who had no idea that one of their neighbours had tested positive for Covid.

“One of the first actions the Ministry of Health should have taken was to door-knock every single person at The Vincent Residences encouraging them to get a test and isolate.

“Why couldn’t it at least station a couple of NZDF personnel outside the building to let residents know?

“If we survive this community case without a lockdown, it won’t be a result of the Government’s competence. We will have gotten lucky – again.

“As ACT has been saying for months, we need a multi-disciplinary Epidemic Response Unit to oversee a coordinated response to Covid.”