“45 new cases 43 days into a lockdown shows that the Government’s eradication strategy isn’t working, it has lost control. On May 5 2020, 43 days into the first lockdown, zero cases were recorded”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Government’s strategy has been to eradicate COVID-19 from New Zealand with short, sharp lockdowns so we could enjoy relatively long periods of freedom, such as last summer. This summer is not looking the same.

“Many of the cases may be within households, but the point of isolation is to ensure that COVID-19 burns out within households. The fact new cases are appearing within households after 43 days of lockdown shows that lockdown is not working.

“Delta has changed the costs and benefits of the Government’s strategy. The lockdowns are no longer short and sharp, and the payoff of freedom no longer guaranteed.

“The Government now needs to show leadership and clarity. The eradication strategy won’t work this time. We are going to change course. We must move from eradication to harm reduction.

ACT’s COVID 3.0 outlines how New Zealand can move from futile eradication measures to a strategy of harm reduction. The goal should be to include the community in finding ways to reduce transmission and hospitalisation at least cost, and minimise death from COVID-19.

“When the facts change, our strategy needs to change, the Government cannot explain away these numbers.”