Monday, 14 September 2020

The Covid spending that wasn't

“The next generation of New Zealanders will be stuck with the bill from a Government that gave unnecessary hand-outs disguised as Covid-19 support”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Whether it was $10 million for the Prime Minister to have her photo taken with a bungee jumping operator, or an increase in benefits that was entirely ideological and nothing to do with Covid-19, the Government has taken the attitude of clocking up debt and hoping for the best.

“Labour is borrowing $5.7 million an hour to fund its spending splurge. That’s totally unsustainable.

“They’ve put aside $39.3 billion with no plan for how to spend it.

“It’s the kids at intermediate school right now who’ll lose. By the time they start paying tax, we’ll be spending more on interest repayments than the entire education budget.

“ACT has a plan to stop the spending splurge. We have a fully costed roadmap for economic recovery, which keeps the debt low, cuts taxes, and gets the country back to surplus, while keeping Kiwis in work.

“ACT is the only party that will hold the others to account. We’ll make sure New Zealand is ready for the next rainy day and that future generations don’t face a mountain of debt.”

A link to ACT’s Debt Destroyer can be found here